The brand for authentic, fresh frozen shrimps as well as innovative shrimp, fish and snack products. Sourcing quality products from fully certified first class factories, we specialize in all varieties of Asian Shrimps (Head On Shrimps, Peeled Shrimps With/Without Tail, Headless Shell On, etc) and snack items (Breaded Butterfly, Tempura Prawns, Potato Shrimps, Skewers, etc). All our products are packed with a very colorful and distinctive packaging with strong appealing characteristics to enhance the resale value. Ben’s Easy Kitchen is the brand and seal of approval for resellers and consumers alike.



    BML Food Group Holland BV
    Toussaintkade 50a
    2513 CL The Hague
    The Netherlands


    - +31 (0) 70 392 38 75

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